Mediterra Jewelry: Our Story

In my early 20’s I developed a contact metal allergy that rendered my beloved earring collection unwearable. Sterling silver, ‘nickel-free’, and even low karat solid gold earrings just weren’t cutting it. Within minutes my ears were tomato red, swollen, and unbearably itchy. I even resorted to painting my earring posts with clear nail polish (no it didn’t work). As a lover of fashion, it was incredibly frustrating to not be able to apply the finishing touches to my outfits. I felt like my self-expression was stifled. 

Fortunately, medical-grade stainless steel allowed me to wear earrings again, but there still weren’t enough unique designs out there for others like me. Earring options catering to sensitive skin were severely lacking and devoid of the flair and personality I craved. I searched tirelessly for designs that were trendy and didn’t have that industrial and mechanical appearance. Eventually I was able to find a few plain pairs of earrings just to have something in my lobes but I still couldn’t find anything eye-catching and fun like the designs my friends were able to buy without worry. 

Fueled by the desire to fill this void, I began designing custom pieces that I wanted to wear before realizing there was a bigger opportunity in this space for both creators and jewelry lovers. After all, jewelry isn't just an accessory; it's an integral part of our fashion narrative, a means of storytelling through style. Speaking of which, it is with pleasure I tell you mine 🙂

When I created Mediterra Jewelry, I was inspired by the southern Italian seaside town of Bagnara where my grandfather grew up and where I vacationed with my family as a child. I have vivid memories of the active volcano visible from its shores and watching the fisherman haul giant swordfish onto the beach. Recollections of carefree moments spent by the water, free from the burdens of stress, and experiencing a slow lifestyle full of small pleasures became another guiding force behind the brand.

Our collection draws inspiration from the natural shapes and textures found in the coastal landscapes of the Mediterranean region, where the sheer force of the ocean has sculpted rugged cliffs and rocky shores over millennia. We aim to capture the resilience and strength of nature, offering you a piece of it to wear with confidence wherever life takes you. Thank you for entrusting us with the task of restoring that missing piece of your style, and allowing us to provide an earring experience that celebrates individuality and inclusivity.

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