What makes Mediterra earrings water-resistant?

Cheap jewelry is worse than no jewelry at all, and there are very few things in life that are worse than no jewelry at all.

Life's just better with a touch of salt and sun. Beyond our hypoallergenic metals, another standout feature of our jewelry is its exceptional water resistance, ensuring it withstands any environment you choose to flaunt it in. We've tested all our samples in every body of water possible and set them out to air dry. Not once has the color faded, nor have there been any signs of rust spots or loss of shine. So what is it about our materials that makes our jewelry so durable?

Stainless steel, including medical-grade and marine-grade varieties, contains chromium. Chromium forms a thin layer of chromium oxide on the surface of the steel when exposed to oxygen. This chromium oxide layer acts as a protective barrier that prevents water and oxygen from reaching the underlying steel. As a result, stainless steel jewelry does not rust or corrode easily when exposed to water or sweat, making it suitable for everyday wear. 

Your jewelry is wearable art, designed to be a part of your story and your most treasured memories. Enjoy peace of mind with our durable, low-maintenance jewelry that you can pass on in the same condition you received it. 

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