Mediterra Summer 2024: The Creatura Collection

Exciting news! Our highly anticipated summer collection is about to make its debut! Introducing the Creatura series, drawing inspiration from the captivating world of small creatures and their hiding places both on land and beneath the waves. These remarkable creatures play a pivotal role in nurturing and maintaining the delicate balance of their ecosystems.

The word "Creatura" is not just a reference to small creatures, it is also an term of endearment in Italian, often used affectionately by my grandfather to describe my capricious younger self. Our Creatura collection showcases a harmonious blend of statement pieces and timeless, everyday styles with a modern and playful flair. Here are a few highlights from this collection:

Arachne Hoops

Inspired by the intricate weaving of spider webs and the timeless tale of Arachne, these hoops exude elegance and artistry.

Anemone Studs

Delicately crafted, these zirconia studs capture the ethereal beauty of the anemone flower, adding a touch of natural charm to any ensemble.

Driftwood Earrings

This neo-natural design embraces the organic beauty of what the tide brings in. 

Get ready to elevate your style with our Creatura collection, where each piece tells a unique story and celebrates the natural world. Sign up for our email list and be the first to shop when we launch!

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