Our Story

The Mediterra wearer has a story. Inspired by the balance between masculine and feminine, they have a timeless style that reflects the edge of the Mediterranean coastline. They are someone who is resilient and gritty, elegant yet effortless. Inspired by time in nature and a lifestyle full of small pleasures.

What We Do

It is our mission to make earrings for sensitive skin more mainstream so that all individuals can indulge in stylish and unique designs. Our philosophy is that your self-expression shouldn’t be a compromise. Jewelry is a language, and it should speak for all.

We are inspired by the concept of finding harmony between the human body and nature’s creations. Our collections are modeled after patterns found in the mediterranean coastal landscape. Each piece is designed not only to enhance your style, but to ensure your comfort. We invite you to bring back the missing piece of your style with the earring experience you deserve.