Things we are loving this summer

As June ushers us into the heart of summer, we are getting outdoors and seizing every opportunity to bask in the season's warmth and vitality. These essential items are not only keeping us glowing and feeling connected to nature, they are safeguarding our skin in these sunshine-filled days.

Vacation Classic Whip SPF 30 Sunscreen Mousse

Few experiences rival the sheer satisfaction and amusement of dolloping whipped cream into your hands and smearing it all over. Apparently this is what it takes for us to finally be diligent about sunscreen. We think this product is genius and the vintage style packaging is adorable. With its sweet aroma and photogenic appeal, it not only makes for aesthetic snapshots but also adds a sense of fun into the essential task of protecting your skin.

Ciele Blush & Protect SPF 50

We picked up a liquid blush from a brand we haven't seen before in our latest Sephora haul. Ciele is a clean cosmetics brand that uses fragrance-free formulas with vegan and non pore-clogging ingredients. This blush has six shades that truly work on all skin tones. It's incredibly pigmented and we love the inclusion of broad spectrum SPF adding another layer of peace of mind to our minimal makeup routine.

Orebella Perfume

Our admiration for clean-ingredient brands and innovators is no secret, and Bella Hadid's latest venture hits all the right notes. She is making her mark in the new era of alcohol-free, skin-nourishing fragrances. Because they are elevated with essential oils, they last much longer which we really appreciate in this summer heat. Among the trio of captivating scents, Salted Muse has captured our attention. Its enticing blend unfolds on the skin, evolving from a delightful unisex scent to a subtle saltiness mixed with sweetness, reminiscent of moments spent swimming in the ocean as the sun dips below the horizon.

Creatura Collection

We had to! Our latest collection has been our go-to for adding a touch of worry-free glamour at the beach. Our earrings are made to get wet without fading or tarnishing so you never have to take them off. Keep your valuables on you this summer!


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